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Accelerated Resolution Therapy Training

ART Training

Joseph L. Anderson, LCSW is a Certified National Trainer in Accelerated Resolution Therapy by The Rozenzweig Center for Rapid Recovery, the governing body for ART training named after Laney Rozenzweig, LMFT who developed ART.

Joseph is the first clinician in Utah to become a Certified National Trainer for both Basic and Advanced ART Techniques.  He enjoys bringing this revolutionary therapy to more clinicians to help more people in the important work of trauma recovery and healing.  With over 5 years of training experience, Joseph is able to bring a professional yet approachable manner to his trainings.

Joseph is also able to provide the SAF-T or Sensation Awareness Focused - Technique to training for first responders, parents, teachers, personal fitness trainers, wellness coaches, and others.  This technique can be used by anyone who works with individuals in distress and helps to calm the nervous system and reduce negative sensations.

Joseph has provided the SAF-T training to midwives, personal trainers, clincians, and first responders.  He looks forward to bringing this effective calming technique to many more.

If you or someone you know is interested in ART Basic/Advanced Training or SAF-T training, call now to set a location, date and time for a training to be scheduled.

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