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Ashlee Lee, CSW

I'm a Nevada native who relocated to Fairview, Utah after marrying my husband. Currently I am pursuing a Master's degree in Social Work at the University of Kentucky and will graduate Spring of 2024.

My passion for faith-based services and the ability it has to help individuals reconnect to their purpose in life and its profound impact on mental health, led me to join Ascend.

I work to provide clarity and caring support to each of my clients.  Additionally, I approach each session with energy and enthusiasm to walk alongside you with evidence-based modalities.  I have experience working with adolescents and adults.

Ashlee's Role

In my role as a mental health professional; I believe in creating a safe and empathetic environment that resonates with my clients, as I meet them on their terms and at their level to help them achieve their goals, and initiate the healing process. Life often confronts us with pain, traumas, and societal influences that mold our interactions with the world and disconnects us from our true selves.


These experiences can lead us to misidentify these hardships as defining elements of our identity. Healing is possible and therapy gives us the space to step back into our authenticity and reconnect to who we are. Through this process, I believe you can embrace your challenges, find healing in your suffering, and find happiness in living again!

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