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Audrey Butler,
Certified Health Coach

I grew up in the orchards at the base of Mount Hood in Hood River, Oregon. My parents created a family culture that valued health, hard work, spiritual connection, and personal growth. As a young adult, I discovered for myself the immense power of the food we choose to fuel our bodies with. That started a life-long passion that led to a degree in Nutritional Science at BYU and later becoming a certified Health Coach.


I am a joyful follower of Jesus Christ and believe that tapping into spiritual power (in any faith tradition) is key to personal growth and healing. I enjoy cooking nutritious meals for my family and working and playing outdoors! I thrive on family time, gardening, biking, yoga, reading a good book, and learning all about the science of health and lasting behavior change!

I strongly believe that a flourishing life is built on a foundation of nourishment in the 5 key areas of our being: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social. I love being part of Ascend’s pioneer movement to combine mental health counseling and therapy with nutrition and lifestyle coaching. This synergistic combination creates powerful results!

Audrey's Role

Audrey serves as a health and wellness coach and nutritionist with programs serving both youth and adults. She provides the education, support, and accountability needed to build a foundation of healthy food and lifestyle habits that support optimal chemistry in the brain and body.

● Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science, BYU 2006
● Health Coaching certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 2010
● Youth wisdom coach certification through the Adventures in Wisdom program. 2022

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