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Come Join Our Team!

Full-Time/Part-Time Therapist

Ascend Counseling & Coaching is currently hiring for Full & Part Time Therapist roles.

Ascend Counseling & Coaching is a highly professional and reputable group practice that is seeking experienced and passionate therapists to join our team. Therapist needs to be a master-level clinician who is fully licensed. We are looking for someone with experience working with couples, families, and individuals.

Ascend Counseling & Coaching provides a beautiful and comfortable workspace for our therapists and clients.  We seek to nurture our therapists by providing competitive compensation, extensive training, regular team consultation, and speaking opportunities.  

About the Full-Time Therapist Position

We are seeking candidates who value the benefits of group practice interdependence, but are also comfortable with the independence of private practice, well organized, and professional. 


The right candidate will be passionate about helping their clients heal and highly motivated to continue their own education, growth and development as a therapist.  The right candidate will feel comfortable working with clients as individuals, families, and couples. 


The right candidate will also have a high comfort level and respect for clients of various faith backgrounds, particularly with couples.

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