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Online/In-Person Children Counseling

For Children

Therapy for children with Ascend Counseling begins with understanding the distinct challenges that children and adolescents face in today's world. From transition periods to everyday healing, we are here to help your child find their voice and creativity. Our therapy services are not just about addressing symptoms; they're about fostering growth, building resilience, and empowering young minds to thrive.

Kid Painting

Support & Guidance in Therapy

Childhood and adolescence are transformative phases filled with discovery, growth, and occasionally, hurdles. From navigating friendships and academic pressures to coping with family dynamics and societal expectations, every young person's journey is unique. Holistic therapy at Ascend Counseling will incorporate all the factors that can improve a teens life like their exercise, sleep, or nutrition routines in order to help build a new perspective on what it means to take care of their mental health. Our therapists specialize in understanding these fundamental complexities, creating a supportive environment where children feel heard, understood, and empowered.

Evidence-Based Counseling

Our approach to therapy is grounded in evidence-based practices, ensuring that every intervention is backed by research and tailored to meet the individual needs of each child or adolescent. Through a combination of proven therapeutic techniques, including Play-Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS), and Accelerated Resolution therapy (ART) we guide our young clients toward self-awareness, emotional regulation, and positive coping strategies.

Resilience is Key

When you’re a child, facing obstacles that set you back can sometimes feel like the end of the world, leading you to want to give up or quit at any sign of trouble. Resilience is not just about bouncing back from challenges; it's about bouncing forward with newfound strength and

wisdom. Our therapists empower parents and children to embrace their innate resilience, helping them turn adversity into opportunity and setbacks into stepping stones.

Through positive psychology techniques and strengths-based interventions, we celebrate their unique qualities and foster a sense of agency and optimism. A focus on resilience in counseling sessions can help children expand their sense of wonder, enthusiasm, and courage in their everyday lives.

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Family at home

Therapeutic Collaborative Partnership

We recognize that the journey toward healing and growth is a collaborative effort. We work closely with parents and caregivers involved in a child's life to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to therapy. Along with immediate resources, we can also provide helpful insight on how to navigate mental health challenges in more formal settings like school environments. By fostering open communication and mutual respect, we create a supportive network that uplifts and empowers young individuals on their path to flourishing.

Empowering Children

At Ascend Counseling, we are committed to empowering children to overcome challenges, embrace their unique strengths, and cultivate resilience that lasts a lifetime. If you're ready for your child to embark on a journey of healing and growth, we're here to walk alongside you every step of the way. Together, let's unlock the power within and illuminate the path towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Child Counseling
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