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Women's Mental Health Therapy

Parenting is like _____.

You probably would fill in the blank differently depending on your day, relationship with your children, or what they’ve done that day. For kicks and giggles, give it a shot.

What is parenting like for you right now?

My first thought was parenting is like herding cats because I was recently trying to get all my kids in the car after a family outing. I’d find one child, send them to the car, look for another one, only to find out the one I sent to the car had disappeared. My patience was shrinking playing figurative whack a mole.

I also thought parenting is like cooking breakfast. You have the pancakes cooking, the bacon cooking, and the tater tots cooking, and you think, “I got this.” Then, you smell something getting a little too cooked and realize the eggs are burning. And you think, “How did I miss that?!”


Parenting is a full-time commitment.

Whatever you filled in the blank above, parenting is stretching for all who experience it. Balancing caring for your needs and then being aware of each child’s needs.

Sometimes, you feel ok about things; at other times, you want to throw up your hands and say, “I’m done with this!”

Nobody told you that parenting lasts a lifetime!

Based on your childhood, you likely have a good idea of what you want life to be like for your children – some things you want to be the same, and some things you want to be different.


Parenting today brings new challenges.

Indeed, one very different thing is screen time. You’ve seen those social media posts that show what life was like when you were growing up vs. what life is like for your kids growing up – with the kid sitting in front of a screen.

And where does that fit in anyway? Children between the ages of 8-12 spend 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens. And teenagers likely spend 9 hours a day.

Am I helping my children? Am I hurting my children? How did I miss that? Screen time gives me a break, but am I allowing too much for my children?

Parenting brings many questions, and the answers seem out of reach at times. And so, you keep moving along as best as you can.

Purposeful parenting

I get it. Parenting is rough, and you are doing the best that you can.

Before you encounter problems or even if you only need perspective on better self-care strategies while managing your household, I can help. In your work with me, we will address parenting problems and find solutions using proven scientific principles.

We are a proud believer in what Ralphie Jacobs from Simply On Purpose teaches and consults with parents to change the dynamics in your home.

We will layout key positive parenting principles that when adopted into your life and routine will have the potential to dramatically impact your parenting for the best.

Let’s make parenting less challenging.

I am here to help you feel confident in what you are already doing well and improve the things you want to do better as a parent.

Through thick and thin, your children will always call you Mom or Dad.

Children are amazing and resilient. They will notice your efforts to change how you work with them, and they will respond. And God will help you.

Contact me at (435) 610-1810 today!

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