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Online Faith-Based Counseling

Spirituality & Mental Health are Inseparable

From a Christian perspective, here at Ascend Counseling & Coaching, we know that there is a very close connection between our mind, body, and spirit.  This knowledge drives us to embrace each person's spiritual beliefs in context of improving their mental health.  We work with you to understand the spiritual beliefs you hold dear, and offer to work within your beliefs toward greater healing and connection with God.


In fact, if you are experience symptoms of mental health, you may be less able to feel God in your life.  But that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you.  And God's love for you is always on the highest setting.  So why can't you feel it at times?


Evidence & Faith-Based Approaches

If we took an fMRI brain scan of your brain in those moments when you don't feel God, we would likely see isolated neural pathway activity in the limbic system or feeling parts of the brain.  However, in connection with God, we see activation of adaptive and connected neural pathways across both hemispheres.  

We base our work with clients off of Dr. Lisa Miller's research as highlighted in her books and website.  We also believe that Richard Schwartz's Internal Family Systems (IFS) model is the most accurate model of the mind and is a psycho-spiritual model worth embracing in our efforts to support you.​


Your Spirituality

We will ask you about your faith and request your permission to offer suggestions and insights that may work within context of your faith to bring you closer to God.


Whether you have had significant spiritual experiences or felt disconnected from God most of your life, or both, we want to work within your experiences toward healing.  And we know healing certainly comes from God.

We recognize this requires trust and a clear understanding of working within your belief system to bring you closer to God and Jesus.  Most people who work with us in this way, describe greater awareness and clarity of God in their life, and of His power to heal your mind.

A Path Toward Healing

Whatever your spiritual path and connection with God, working with us here at Ascend, you will gain greater insght into how your mental health affects that relationship with Him.  With our clinicians and coaches, you will have sacred, growing experiences where you will gain a deeper understanding of your infinite value, and enhance your ability to hear Him.

We are honored by your trust in connecting your spiritual health with your mental health as you navigate your healing journey.  We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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