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Faith-Based Counseling

You are doing all you can to have a spiritual life.

We are spiritual beings. And as spiritual beings, we are eternal.

The trouble is that we live in a temporal world where we experience opposition. And coming from a world of light, love, and laughter before we were born to encounter this opposition is spiritually jarring, not to mention how it affects us mentally.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely these concepts resonate with you to some degree. And you see yourself as a spiritual person trying to feel God’s love and approval in your life.

Yet, somehow, it may feel out of reach most of the time – like you are trying so hard, yet not quite feeling His approval or acceptance. Perhaps, you feel somehow flawed, and therefore, you feel unworthy of His acceptance and belonging.


You want to involve God.

You know God is there, and you have felt his presence in your life at times, but there is also something inside of you that doesn’t feel good enough, try as you might. And this is defeating to parts of you.

You do what you know will invite God into your life, but they feel haphazard at best.

You may wonder if God is displeased with you for your haphazard efforts, but you don’t know what He thinks, so you keep going.


Are you living life with joy?

At times, you need Him, and He is there in small ways, encouraging and supporting you. And you hold onto this.

But you wonder if living with this constant feeling of not being good enough is what He expects or wants for you.

And then, you hear that He wants you to live in joy. But inside, this feels foreign to you.

How can you experience joy when you don’t feel like you will ever measure up?

Yes, joy is possible!

Your feeling of somehow being flawed and thus unworthy of God’s acceptance and belonging is not from God.

I am not a religious or spiritual leader, but I can walk alongside you to discover your internal world. I will help you understand these seemingly competing ideas and help you let go of the feelings of shame that likely prevent you from living with joy.

Though this process is not easy, it is possible. You likely naturally experienced joy as a child, and the opposition in life snuffed out that joy.

But you can experience joy again in your life. God will help. And with God, all things are possible.

Call me at (435) 610-1810 for a free consultation.

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