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Hilary Thompson,
Certified Therapeutic Coach

I was born and raised in Utah, and recently I felt very led to bring my practice to Sanpete County to serve the community here. I moved to Fairview with my husband of 20+ years and our two children. Ten years ago I was introduced to a process that was a revolution in my life, bringing clarity and healing like I'd never experienced before. I pursued a certification in that process a few years ago and have been sharing it successfully with people facing various difficulties ever since. I feel called to help others heal, and I possess a deep faith that my own hardships, and the discovery of a way to overcome them, was meant to bless others.


Partnering with Ascend to bring this gift to more people was an answer to prayer, and I look forward to serving my community in a meaningful way, guiding people out of darkness into the light to realize their God-given gifts, joy, and freedom. This gift isn't limited to those who choose to live life with a higher power, so while I am able to bring a faith-based approach to most of my clients, it is not a requirement to work with me. Everyone deserves joy and healing, and I'd love to be a part of your healing, regardless of your faith. or situation.

I am very comfortable addressing depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, recovery from abuse, grief, relationship and parenting issues, and more. I look forward to being a part of your healing.

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Hilary's Role

Here at Ascend, we want you to get high quality support as you seek positive change.  For this purpose, we have chosen to partner with Hilary and her practice, HeartSong Therapeutic Coaching.  We have done this in an effort to avoid having a waitlist and broaden the scope of awareness and level of services offered here in the community.  We are grateful to wholeheartedly endorse and partner with Hilary and her coaching practice.

Hilary's specific process is an option for people who are looking for something along the lines of cognitive behavioral therapy, and those who are ready for healing and growth. Fundamentally, she addresses issues with beliefs, perspectives , and thinking that results in negative consequences, behaviors, and feelings. Over time, in working with Hilary, and as you learn to incorporate the principles she teaches in your life, your thinking patterns and response to difficult situations will change. The process she uses can be learned, and become a powerful coping tool for those who practice it.  Healing happens at your pace and readiness and is personal to you and your goals.  This powerful process can bring relief in just one session.


While the process does require reasoning skills, and may not be appropriate for profound mental illness, it is effective for most ages and all walks of life in addressing issues such as: depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, recovery from abuse, grief, relationship and parenting issues, and more.


Hilary is patient, gentle, encouraging, and has a wealth of personal experience in many life challenges, having used this process herself for her own healing. She is happy to incorporate Christian faith and Biblical concepts into your sessions, if it serves you, but her process is effective regardless of your faith. She respects everyone's pace, timing, and stage in their journey. 


If you'd like a free consultation to see if her practice is a fit for you, Ascend Counseling & Coaching is here to help and is happy to schedule that.


(While Hilary can accept HSA and FSA funds, she cannot take traditional insurance at this time).

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