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Joseph Anderson, LCSW

I was born in rural Utah and grew up moving pipe and hauling hay, but not fully understanding or expressing my inner emotions. I was stuck and isolated in a cycle of emotional chaos and seeking external validation so much that it hurt.

Fast forward to today. Almighty God has blessed me to have a desire and a capacity to use my experiences and training to understand and help you through your emotional journey and support your discovery of how your personal experience is connected to your faith and spirituality.

I know from personal experience, and from working with many others, that hope, healing, and joyful living are possible no matter your past or present circumstances. So, I am delighted to walk alongside you as you embark on your journey to climb the mountains in your life, ascending to a new you one step at a time.

Joseph's Role

As Owner and Therapist, Joseph oversees the client experience here at Ascend.  He believes God is your help and his mission is to help you build Zion in your home by helping you climb and overcome the mountains in your life. He wants every individual to feel they are not alone.

He works to help you understand the truths of how your nervous system operates while working within those truths to bring about healing. He uses proven and effective approaches like Accelerated Resolution Therapy (similar to EMDR) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) so you can experience lasting healing and change.

He knows your journey is unique and challenging and that you have the potential inside you to rise to new heights and become your best self. Reach out to ascend to a new you.

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