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Online/In-Person Couples Counseling

Ongoing Fulfillment

Every couple runs into hard spots on their journey in life together.  And every couple's commitment and trust with each other is tested.

Most of the time, couples get stuck relating to each other in unhealthy ways.  This is a result of the fears of each spouse speaking louder than their commitment to and trust in each other.  And this often brings out the worst in each other and leads to a less fulfilling relationships.

Without correction, these fears can lead each spouse to become complacent in their ways of connecting with each other.  And over time, this can lead to seeking fulfillment in other ways.

Couple in Nature

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

Yet, many couples recommit and lean in to trust each other once again.  Once they learn about and resolve their past traumas and show up in relationship with each other from their best self, reconnection and fulfillment are possible.  And they often become closer to one another on the other side of healing.

Happy Couple

Evidence-Based Couples Work

We pull from the Gottman Method when working with couples and firmly believe that if a couple, both spouses, are motivated to feel different, new skills can be learned, and new ways of related to each other can be mastered.

We strongly encourage couples to commit six hours a week to better their relationship.  And we help them navigate this intentional effort to long-lasting change.

In addition to the Gottman Method, we know that childhood trauma and attachment styles are very much a factor in how couples relate to each other.  As a result, we bring the best trauma-informed modalities like Accelereated Resolution Therapy (ART) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) into our work with couples so they can create a safe and healing experience together once again.

Gain Happy Attunement

As experts on the nervous system, we are also aware of the impacts of betrayal trauma and toxic behaviors that show up in relationships.  But we also know, if you and your spouse are motivated and humble, healing and happy attunement with each other is possible.

We offer free consultations to see if doing work with us is a good fit for your relationship.  Even if you come meet with us and find that things are going well for you, it's nice to have that confirmed.

Don't hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.

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