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Infections as a Metaphor

Most of us have had a bacterial or viral infection.  They can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.  We prefer to get rid of them as soon as possible.  And if our body doesn't heal, we go to the doctor and for a prescription to help us heal.

Emotional infections are just as common as physical ones.  And seeking mental health counseling for an emotional infection can be as common as going to the doctor for a prescription.  There is no shame in getting help with an emotional infection that doesn't seem to heal on its own.

The difficulty is that most people are generally aware of the signs of a physical infection, but that is not always true for signs of an emotional infection.

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How Common are Emotional Infections?

Almost one out of two people you work with, go to church with, or associate with in any way (even if they are smiling), have an emotional infection and could benefit from mental health treatment.  But only a fraction of them will seek that treatment.  Granted, there are many ways to heal an emotional infection that don't necessarily require the help of a professional.  But if the mind and spirit seem to be stuck in pain and relief doesn't come, seeking the help of a professional can bring relief. 

Just like physical infections gone untreated can lead to serious complications, so too, untreatedd emotional infections can lead to serious complications.

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Signs of an Emotional Infection

An emotional infection looks like decreased motivation, lack of interest in daily activities, difficulty sleeping, and feeling emotionally exhuasted to name a few.

You may find it difficult to connect with others, or have ruminating thoughts or pervasive feelings that cloud your life making things feel less pleasant.

You may have flashbacks from an event that create distress and cause you to remain upset for extended periods of time.  Or you may just find it difficult to move past your worry and function in life on a daily basis.

Healing Emotional Infections

Healing emotional infections is possible.  Your brains way of automatic thinking, feeling, and believing can and will shift as you dedicate time to learning about your inner-world and commit to feeling better.

Here at a Ascend Counseling & Coaching, we work within the truths of how your nervous system operates.  We understand the states of the nervous system, help you to recognize how that states show up in your life, and provide tools in sessions and teach you strategies to apply in your life to begin to feel better.

Your Healing Journey

Just like climbing a mountain, you will have moments of needing to take a breath, get your bearings, and recommit to the climb, but ascending to the peak is possible.  You will learn a lot about yourself, and you may falter at times, but if you keep going, slowly, but surely, you will reach your goal.

In this same way, ascending to your best self is possible.  We invite you to trust us to be your guide to help your nervous system heal, and for your spirit to soar.

The view and the sense of accomplishment are worth every minute of the climb.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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