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Ascend to New Heights

Individually and Together as a Family

Faith-Based Counseling for Couples and Parents of Young Children
Serving Rural Utah

JoAnna* and Christian* are stuck.

Their relationship isn’t completely falling apart, but neither do they feel close.

The conflicts pile up and never seem to resolve.

The cycle of trying, feeling stuck, noticing the disconnection, wanting to give up, and then trying again keeps happening.

They both want things to be different.

They look around at other couples and wonder how they got off step.

How did the most important person in their life become more of an acquaintance? Someone to manage a household alongside, but not someone to share life and laughter… much less love.

The stakes are so high. It’s scary to think of making a change – especially when it’s not clear how to move forward.


Mary* is exhausted.

Mary finds herself meeting the needs of her children all day, with little time to herself.

She doesn’t mean to be so abrupt when they ask for the 57th time if they can get down the art supplies. She wants to redirect them lovingly and creatively, but that takes bandwidth she just doesn’t have.

Her emotions are all over the place. The exhaustion is endless.

The one constant feeling is that she’ll never be good enough.

It’s all so defeating.

Constantly at the end of her rope with little room to be the kind of mother she always imagined, she often feels guilty that she isn’t doing her best for her kids.

Mary’s faith is strong, and she turns to God for help. But sometimes, she feels tangled in questions about God’s influence over her life.

She wonders if she’s doing something wrong.

John* tries his best.

John tries to support his spouse, but he is also drained from long workdays. He knows she’s stressed, too, but sometimes the way she talks to the kids reminds him of his not-so-great childhood moments.

He wants to be vulnerable and connect with his wife and kids, but he doesn’t know how to start.

So, he just keeps going through each day like the last.

But doesn’t know where to start…

He craves validation but doesn’t want to come across as weak, so he stuffs the emotions inside and doesn’t share very often. Hiding his emotions has consequences, and he often feels angry, but he isn’t even sure why.

John reaches out to God but feels his efforts are haphazard. Then he feels guilty about not trying hard enough.

*JoAnna, Christian, Mary, and John are fictionalized composites of real people I worked with while climbing their mountains.


Do these stories resonate?

We'd love the opportunity to support you.

Hi, my name is Joseph.

I was born in rural Utah, and I grew up moving pipe and hauling hay, but not fully understanding or expressing my inner emotions. I was stuck and isolated in a cycle of emotional chaos and seeking external validation so much that it hurt.

Fast forward to today. Almighty God has blessed me to have a desire and a capacity to use my experiences and training to understand and help you through your emotional journey. And to support your discovery of how your moving experience is connected to your faith and spirituality.

I know from personal experience, and from working with many others, that hope, healing, and joyful living are possible no matter your past or present circumstances. So, I am delighted to walk alongside you as you embark on your journey to climb the mountains in your life, ascending to a new you one step at a time.

  • Mary gained clarity and renewal.
    Mary felt hesitant initially, but she better understood her complex feelings after just one session. Over time, she became confident in expressing her inner world, connecting with her spouse, and being present with her children. By the end of our work, Mary had climbed upward to a connection to God and a newness she had not experienced before. Mary now finds time for herself and makes the time with children and her spouse count.
  • John found a safe space.
    John was able to open up and learn more about himself. He realized that he couldn’t change the past, but he could change the past’s impact on him. Through accountability, John set and accomplished new goals. He found ways to be vulnerable and feel his emotions. And he grew closer to his spouse as a result. Through our work together, John feels validated and connected. He intentionally turns to God in prayer and makes time for renewal and reflection in his life.
  • JoAnna and Christian created a deeper connection.
    Together, we explored and gained clear insight into their core relational dynamics, connected this with their inner world, and brought them together. As our work together moved to a conclusion, JoAnna now feels cherished by Christian, who, in turn, feels desired by Joanna. Of course, things aren’t perfect, but together, we developed awareness and tools to engage in purposeful connective experiences. And they’ve learned to have hard conversations that lead to win/win resolutions.

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